COVID-19 PCR & Antigen test

Are you traveling abroad and a Covid-19 PCR or Antigen test is required to confirm that you have been tested negative? Or do you want to check for health reasons if you have Covid-19?
Please contact us to make an appointment or to request more information.

Location and registration

Locations where you can take the Covid-19 PCR and Antigen test

ADC Palu Blanku
Address: Gasparitu SEC 2K 111-5 (blue building named Celia Building)

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Costs of the Covid-19 PCR test are ANG 125,- ($ 70) including a medical report with the results. The Medical report will be sent within 24h after the test has been taken.

Costs of the Covid-19 Antigen test are ANG 35,- ($ 20) including a medical report with the results on the same day.

To reserve an appointment for the Covid-19 PCR or Antigen test please register at