Food Safety

Food Safety

Always be conscious of what you eat???
Do you know the signs of bad food?✔️
Can you tell when food is bad?✔️

What you put in your body is very essential for maintaining a good overall health. Thus, it goes without saying, that when you take in fresh foods these will fuel your system, while taking in spoiled or deteriorated foods will make you sick.

[THE QUESTION IS]: “Do you know what to look for, to detect food that is spoiled or that is starting to become bad for you?

The ADC laboratory recently started a series of informative sessions to help you understand the lifecycle of food so you will know, by using your senses, when to keep food items and when to throw them away.

These signs include:

1. Bad odors emerging from the food
2. Food starting to discolor
3. Dry foods turning slimy and sticky
4. Mold on food
5. Food cans or packages that are bloated

So, please be suspicious when food:
– changes texture and becomes either dry or spongy
– develops an unusual taste, like sweet foods turning sour or sour foods turning bitter
– produces gas

These phenomena are indications for food spoilage!

Be aware!

Choose to eat more fresh foods, add more foods that require preparation (like cooking) to your diet and make sure that your food storage system (cooler, freezer, dry cabinets) is working properly and is closed off for outside intruders like bacteria and bugs.

With an extensive knowledge of food quality and the recent local concerns on food safety, our professionals at the ADC
has introduced informative cycles to share practical information that will help our community and safeguard the wellbeing of each and everyone in our community.

Stay tuned for more on FOOD SAFTEY!??