Sociale Verzekeringsbank (SVB, Social Insurance Bank):
When introducing new tests or when ‘taking over’ existing tests, that up to then were done abroad, the ADC suggests a tariff for the SVB to approve.
After SVB’s approval, patients need no prior authorization for such a test. This speeds up the process and benefits the patient care.

Uitvoeringsorganisatie Geneeskunde en Gezondheidszaken (Uo G&Gz):
The ADC has the duty to report to the Uo G&Gz when sickening micro-organisms, like certain viruses, are encountered.
When the outbreak of a disease is noticed, this too must be reported to the Uo G&Gz so that this organization can put op any needed surveillance programs.

Monitoring drinking water
The Minister of Health, Environment and Nature has appointed the ADC, based on the National Decree Quality Drinking Water (Pb. 2006, no. 72) to perform audit research daily – including weekends – on locally produced drinking water.

The ADC is since March 25, 2009, NEN-EN-ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited under the ‘Raad voor Accreditatie’ (RvA) registration number L493, for the actions described in the scope:
This recognition gives the reassurance that the quality control of drinking and of dialysis water presented for analysis within the accreditation scope, complies with all relevant, international requirements.

This accreditation has two pillars: a physicochemical one (that the department of Toxicology and Medicine Research (Toxicologie en Geneesmiddelenonderzoek, TGO) takes care of and a microbiological one (that the department itself (Waterlab Microbiology, WMB) takes care of.
The ADC has the duty to report deviations – in negative sense – from valid norms to the Uo G&Gz.

TGO looks for the presence and the level of metals in the water. Physicochemical aspects too are held against valid norms. Organoleptic research of the odor and the taste of water is also done. WMB looks for the presence and the quantity of micro-organisms in the water.

The collaboration that the Waterlab has with various institutions, represents more than only audits: there is also collaboration regarding (advanced)education and the purchase of equipment.