ADC general
The Analytical and Diagnostic Center N.V. (ADC) is the leading analytical and diagnostic medical laboratory of Curaçao. The ADC offers patient related and non-human analyses in the areas of:

  • Clinical and polyclinical patient care
  • Microbiological research
  • Toxicological research on food and medicine
  • Epidemiological research
  • Pathological research
  • Forensic research
  • Scientific research

These analyses are done upon the request of physicians, medical specialists, hospitals, other laboratories, governments, the Public Prosecutor’s Office, companies and private individuals.

Continuous improvement
The ADC is continuously improving the services it offers and its customer service. The quality of all processes and of all interactions with clients is monitored and guaranteed by means of internal protocols and audits. This is complemented with external controls by internationally renowned entities.

Being the watchdog for the local healthcare, the ADC goes expeditiously into action whenever diseases or developments that could threaten the health of the local population are detected or might spread. Using prospective risk analysis, the ADC informs relevant (governmental) entities promptly when necessary, to promote preventive care.

Involvement with the wellbeing of the local population motivates the ADC to be more than the leading and national laboratory that it is proving to be. For instance: the ADC also shares its knowledge with several groups in the community. This includes, among other: educational sessions for general practitioners, career fairs for schoolchildren, internships for future laboratory technicians, lectures for senior citizens, donations to other healthcare institutions, etc.

Children receive special attention, because the ADC sees them as the ones who will shape our future. It is on a regular basis that the ADC organizes or supports activities that are useful for the youth.