Discover the telltale signs of serious infections

Discover the telltale signs of serious infections

Antibiotic treatment is always prescribed in case of severe infection. If in the beginning it is not clear what causes the illness with the patient, then the doctor will draw cultures of blood, brain fluid (which is mostly done by the neurologist), or simply urine cultures, to test for the samples to find the causes for the infection.

[SYMPTOMS] Are there any symptoms to help us understand what diseases we may suffer from?

Dr. Radjin Steingrover explains that when patients show the following symptoms; short duration of stomach ache, not thinking clearly (brain fog), muscle pain, spots on the skin (dark red), and high fever, can reveal severe bacterial infections with the patient which can be life threatening if not treated properly.

[DAILY] How often does this occur?

Dr. Steingrover sees cases of sepsis, which is a severe form of infection, recorded on a daily basis. So, the MMB has a continuous calling schedule to immediately inform about the results of the blood tests, without delay. Even before tests from cultures are available, the clinical microbiologist advises on the treatment of these severe infections. Consider this an around the clock process each day.

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