Thrombose Service Department

Thrombose Service Department

ADC’s Thrombose Service is since 2004 on Curaçao. The Thrombose Service is the only facility on the island for setting, monitoring and guiding oral anti-coagulation treatment, with acenocoumarol (Sintrom mitis®) of fenprocoumon (Marcoumar®), for polyclinical patients.
This includes: blood drawing, assessing the INR value, determining and fine tuning the dosification of anti-coagulation medicine and, if needed, stopping of the treatment for examinations and interventions or in case of bleeding.

The ADC Thrombose Service is a member of the Federation of Dutch Thrombose Services (FNT) and is also since june 2016, NEN-EN-ISO 15189:2012 accredited under the ‘Raad voor Accreditatie’ (RvA) registration number M297, for the actions described in the scope:

The ADC Thrombose Service receives periodical audits – and passes these with flying colours – to retain the above-mentioned membership and accreditation.

The Thrombose Service is accessible on weekdays during morning hours by phone at 4659144 or by fax at 4616814. The dosage calendar should be kept at hand when calling.
Sometimes a message must be left in the answering machine, after which the Service will call back a the end of the day.
The general practitioner on call should be contacted in evening hours and during weekends. If needed, he or she will refer the patient to the internist on call (Sehos).

!!Below you will find information for patients regarding intake interviews.

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!!Below you will find general information for Thrombosis service patients.

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!!Below you will find information for General practitioners and specialists (applicants) to register patients for the Thrombosis Service

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