Human Resource Management (HR)

The Human Resource (HR) department supports the overall objective and strategy of ADC.
  • The HR department plays an active role in supporting the director, heads of departments and other employees to achieve their personal and strategic objectives. The department tries to reach this goal by ensuring the proper relationship between organizational policies, HR tools, personnel management & staff care.
  • The HR department offers 3 levels of support, tactical, operational and strategic. On the one hand, it answers the question: how and what needs to be done to ensure that the staff can complete the tasks most efficiently? On the other hand, the question they must always answer: how far should the organization go to ensure optimum performance?

The activities of the HR department can be divided into administrative tasks and staff policy consulting. Due to several changes in management, each with different goals, the HR policies had to be adapted to accommodate the new circumstances. Over the past five years, ADC has had an acting director whose goals all had one thing in common, namely “development” (in the broadest sense of the word).

In connection to this, and from the standpoint of efficiency, many employees were given the opportunity to learn new skills. They were also asked to meet the new or changed job requirements in order to improve productivity. This was achieved with on-the-job training, courses, and seminars both locally and abroad. This led managers to adjust their leadership style. In this instance, the necessary ‘tools’ were handed, including staff assessment tools. Today, we are a few years further and the environment as well as the organization has continued to develop, which means that the positions and assessment tools are subject to a revision.

Finally, it should be stated that the ADC firmly aims to establish itself as THE leading laboratory in the region.  One attempt to reach this goal is through “Exchange Programs” between employees from regional laboratories. Slowly but surely, the organizational culture is bending towards the changed circumstances, where there is more acceptance for continuous development of both the individual and the ADC.