From cancer detection to determining cause of death:

The ADC Pathology unit answers crucial questions

“Cancer can be cured if discovered in time.”
“The investigation concluded the cause of death to be murder.”

Did you know that both insights are provided by the very same medical profession?

Pathology – a medical specialty that only ADC offers locally with international standards!

Five subdivisions

ADC’s Pathology Department is located at Roodeweg 13A on the first floor of our new building and is since june 2016, NEN-EN-ISO 15189:2012 accredited  under the ‘Raad voor Accreditatie’ (RvA) registration number M297, for the actions described in the scope:

There are five subdivisions:

  • Cytology, investigates cell types and disease.
  • Histology, examines tissue structure and function.
  • Immunohistochemistry (IHC), locates antigens in tissue.
  • Morgue, where autopsies are done.
  • Administration, provides medical and financial data.

There is a clinical and a forensic pathologist working in our Pathology Department with the support of medical administrative assistants, medical analysts and autopsy assistants.

The clinical pathologist researches human and animal tissue or biopsied cells provided by a treating physician in order to diagnose a disease under the microscope.


Autopsy: Clinical or Forensic

In addition to examining tissues from living patients, the Pathology Department also examines the cause of death of the deceased. There is distinction between Clinical and Forensic autopsy.

In case of death by natural causes, a clinical pathologist performs an autopsy at the request of a doctor or specialist.

A forensic autopsy is carried out by the Forensic pathologist in case of an unnatural cause of death. He/she is commissioned by the Department of Justice. The pathologist works closely with the Crime Scene Investigator and the Public Prosecutor of the Public Prosecutor Service.

ADC’s Pathology Department is at your service through your doctor, specialist or the Public Prosecution Service to provide reliable results in this area of expertise.

We can be reached at:

T: (+599 9) 434 5100