Medical Microbiology (MMB)

ADC’s Department of Medical Microbiology (MMB) offers a comprehensive range of microbiological analyses. Our aim is to assist all parties in the Dutch Caribbean health care system, whether it is diagnostics, treatment, epidemiology or prevention of infectious diseases. We strive for quality and reliability.

The department focuses on the needs of both the individual patient and health care in general in the Dutch Caribbean. Veterinary materials are also analyzed. This department is since june 2016, NEN-EN-ISO 15189:2012 accredited  under the ‘Raad voor Accreditatie’ (RvA) registration number M297, for the actions described in the scope:

MMB focuses on:


Performing (molecular) microbiological analysis on behalf of healthcare institutions, general practitioners and medical specialists in order to provide adequate care to patients in the Dutch Caribbean. Analyses are needed to detect the presence of micro-organisms or the reaction of the body thereon.

(Intercollegiate) Consults

ADC’s clinical microbiologist offer consultation to colleague physicians – to both their individual patients and public policy in the fields of diagnostics and antimicrobial therapy.

The clinical microbiologist gives solicited and unsolicited advice on diagnosis, treatment and prevention of infections. Advice is also extended to general Antibiotic and Chemotherapeutic policy.

Hospital hygiene and Infection Control

The MMB department also conducts research on infection prevention and control. The department also advises on infection prevention.

Public Health Research

The MMB department supports the monitoring of public health by working with several entities.

There is strong cooperation between the Department of Medicine and Health Affairs (Uo G&Gz, former GGD), the infection control department of the St. Elisabeth Hospital (Sehos) and infection (prevention) committees of various health institutions. When necessary, the MMB department also partners up with epidemiological research projects.

New Developments

The MMB department also partners up with research studies organized by specialists, general practitioners or others working in healthcare. The department is also a regular partner in pharmaceutical studies.


In line with ADC’s policy to foster excellence and quality in healthcare – particularly in lab care – The MMB Department supports in educating analysts, interns, medical residents, medical interns, hospital hygienists and others in healthcare.

Information and Education

The MMB department provides education and training for general practitioners, specialists, hospital hygienists and others working in health care.