ICT Department

In modern day it is hard to think of doing business without a computer or without sending electronic mail. Advertising is done online on websites or in social media. Computers, e-mail and digital data are all very much part of daily live. The Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) department at ADC plays a crucial role in providing the ways and means to facilitate these activities.

ICT makes sure that daily business can be conducted using network infrastructure and that the information stored can be retrieved when needed. The servers, where important data is stored, are maintained by the ICT department. ICT also takes care of maintaining the local and the telephony networks, personal computers and software. Users’ access and rights are also granted and administered by the ICT team.

We are also responsible for the availability of the Lab Information System (Labosys) and provide support to its users.
ADC prints test results and sends these to the requestor. This printing operation needs to go on without interruption. In case of any incident, ICT will solve the problem so that the results can be delivered within the expected time frame.

All software installations and upgrades are done by the ICT department. To safeguard ADC’s sensitive information, new technologies and techniques are considered and applied constantly to keep up with the demands of the ever changing world of information security.

At ADC our great ICT team spares no effort in supporting colleagues to ensure that all business is continuous and secure.