Department Vision

The department’s vision is short and sweet:

To ensure the continuity of the ADC organization through proper financial administration.


The Finance Department is the backbone of the ADC organization. The results of the organization are broadly reflected in the revenues and expenditures records. Our revenues are conditional to statutory rates.

Our expenses not only cover the payments for reagents but also the consumption of these. The finance department has always aimed at getting ADC’s financial statement approved. In 2015, the organization received some constructive feedback. Now ADC is planning on achieving its goal to get the financial statement approved in 2018. It is important that the finance department also operates from quality thinking and puts an emphasis on making operations manual where all operations are described, so that in the absence of an employee the organization can keep running.


All departmental activities are aimed at bringing forth the vision of ADC, whereby accuracy, diligence and support of the administration, (all records of both income and expenditure) are essential.

Future developments

The department will continue to specialize in the field of procurement in the future. It will take on a supporting role for the Manufacturing Departments, the Finance Department will act as a source of information for the purchasing of reagents and laboratory supplies.

Recently, the department has been split into a financial and a logistics division. The financial division as expected, handles all financial matters including registration and payments of purchases. Logistics deals with the preparation of order forms, invoices and payments. In addition, the logistics division also ensures the clearance of reagents and data file format for the production department.

The department currently has 15 employees, including the head of the department, a team leader, two coordinators and three central warehouse employees. This structure indicates that the daily inspection of the daily work takes place constructively.

Internal and external communication

The Finance department has an open door policy, all departments within the ADC have the freedom to make inquiries, commentate and such on the department. The external contacts are mostly suppliers and health insurance companies such as SVB, the Justice Department, the Government, foreign labs and private insurers.