As many inhabitants of Curaçao as possible must be in good health to achieve a widespread feeling of wellbeing. That good health depends on, among other things, a readily accessible and optimal medical care. Physicians on their part should dispose of solid laboratory services: medical laboratories are like the ‘eyes’ with which doctors look into the body of patients to reach diagnoses and to prescribe treatments.

The accurate, reliable and high quality analyses by the ADC are thus of fundamental importance for the health and the wellbeing of the local population.

The ADC aims therefore to remain as the leading analytical and diagnostic center in the Caribbean part of the Dutch Kingdom, with a broad assortment of patient bound and non-human research.
ADC’s five analytical departments and their specialized sub-departments offer – assisted by seven supporting departments – services regarding: clinical and poly-clinical patient care, investigations on food items and medicines and also epidemiology and scientific research.
The tests are performed upon request by physicians, medical specialists, other laboratories, the government of Curaçao, island governments, the Public Prosecutor’s Office, companies and private individuals.

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